Professional Services

Our professional services will help you make the right choices and come through your divorce with greater ease, clarity of mind and confidence.



The Cheap Divorce offers:

  • In-depth initial consultation (free of charge) to understand the specific circumstances of the client and to outline and establish their goals and objectives for both the present and the future.
  • Design a practical and timely game plan for the work required.
  • Working closely with your family law lawyer by providing all documentation requested to expedite the divorce process.
  • Review and analyze separation agreements from a tax perspective and provide advice and/or commentary to your lawyer in order for them to achieve a more equitable outcome for you at the mediation and/or arbitration table.
  • Assist clients with document gathering, ie bank statements, credit card statements, tax returns, etc.
  • Assist clients with preparation of their financial statement(s), (Form 13.1).
  • Assist clients with budget preparation.

Business Evaluator

  • Perform valuations of businesses and other financial assets including stock options and restricted shares
  • Calculate Guidelines Income for child and spousal support purposes
  • Perform net family property calculations
  • Assist with tax calculations and advise on tax-efficient settlement options
  • Review and critique valuation and income determination reports prepared by other valuators
  • Perform forensic investigations including performing lifestyle analyses and asset tracing
  • Assist with discoveries including preparing information requests and questions for cross examination of opposing experts


  • Consumer Proposals – A preferred alternative to bankruptcy, enabling you to repay a portion of your debt, based on your financial ability.
  • Bankruptcy – We help you file for bankruptcy and eliminate your obligation for repaying your outstanding debts.
  • Debt Consolidation – We can advise you on how to work with financial institutions to find more manageable rates and payment plans.
  • Credit Counselling – Debt and financial issues can often be resolved or avoided through guidance, planning, and sound decision making.

Divorce Financial Consultations

  • Budgeting – during the process and after.
  • Helping identify short, medium and long term goals.
  • Understanding settlement options and their effect on taxes, cash flow and net worth going into the future.
  • Analysing different options example staying in the family home verses selling; Lumpsum payment versus spousal support.
  • Preparing a comprehensive long term plan taking into consideration your goals, settlement options and budget.

Divorce Organizer/Coordinator

The Cheap Divorce has unique ability to work with people at this very stressful time in their lives. We have developed checklists, summary sheets and information modules that are designed to help you be your own best advocate throughout your Separation and Divorce process. We will work directly with you, helping organize your paperwork and financial affairs to ensure that you have the best opportunity to protect your financial future, saving you money as you learn to work efficiently with your Separation and Divorce process.

Financial Advise

The Cheap Divorce brings empathy, humour, passion and creativity to every circumstance we encounters. We prides ourselves in listening to our clients, zeroing in on their “big picture” to help create a brighter future. .

Mortgage Broker

The Cheap Divorce has extensive experience structuring low rate mortgage solutions during, or after family restructuring, as these changes often coincide with refinancing. We provide our clients with thorough and efficient mortgage service with adherence to privacy standards, and with a client and cost-saving focus.

Non Traditional Financing

A divorce can be a difficult, stressfull and expensive period and we can help to alleviate some of that stress by providing you with money you need for certain situations.

One example:

You are selling your matrimonial home and you or perhaps both of you need to live somewhere but cannot secure a new place to live without money for the deposit (whether you are purchasing or renting).

The Cheap Divorce can give you money in anticipation of the sale of your matrimonial home and collect it upon the closing of the sale of your existing home.

Real Estate

Selling or buying your home can be an emotional process at the best of times. There is no question that with divorce both spouses emotions are at an all time high. The Cheap Divorce has experiences in matrimonial home sales. We loved listening to our clients needs and managing emotions in order to guide you through a successful sale.We are committed to get our clients as much money as possible for their property, while taking the time to explain every step of the process to make sure his our clients are comfortable with all their decisions.

Short Term Rentals

Over the past ten years, our networks has been working in the corporate housing industry, serving those brought to short and long term rentals through different circumstances, including those dealing with a divorce. With our experience, patience and an understanding of how emotional and challenging this process can be, The Cheap Divorce is the perfect to contact to help alleviate many of the tedious concerns that come with relocating or choosing temporary arrangements.


Collaborative Family Law

The Cheap Divorce specializes in collaborative family law.

We allow clients to customize solutions for their family with the assistance and support of professionals who are dedicated to the well being of their clients and their children.

We understands the financial and emotional challenges that many separating spouses and their children face. We at The Cheap Divorce will provide timely, efficient and supportive services. You will be provided with the legal information and wise counsel you require so you can make informed and constructive decisions.

Estate Law

The Cheap Divorce can help you with the preparation of your last Will and Testament, ensuring that your estate will be distributed in accordance with your wishes and advice on deciding on who will be your Estate Trustee or Executor/Executrix. We also assist in Estate Litigation issues that arise concerning contested Wills, Passing of Accounts, or disputes between executors, beneficiaries, trustees and claimants.

Our professionals will also discuss the importance of having Powers of Attorney in place for both Property and your Personal Care.

Family Law Lawyer

The Cheap Divorce has over 20 years experience specializing in family law matters and are trained in collaborative family law. We help clients navigate the difficult road of divorce and provides clients with straight forward results oriented approach to family law matters.

We understands what clients are going through and is an excellent source of knowledge, support and guidance throughout the family law process in a timely and cost effective way.

Family Mediator

The Cheap divorce has over 20 years professional experience and has a diverse background which includes advocacy, counselling and collaboration with families, youth and children.

We are passionate about mediation and knows that this process is the best possible alternative to litigation as it gives each person a voice and the power to shape their future. We help ex-spouses create fair and viable agreements which are mutually cooperative and amicable, to ensure that the needs of each member of the family are met and that the primary focus and is on the best interest of the child or children.


In-depth one on one Consultation

The Cheap Divorce offers:

  • Divorce preparation workshop
  • Assist men and women to get through the process of their divorce as their best self and come out on the other side with their life and dignity intact.
  • In-depth workshop on how to create a healthy happy life after divorce; the kind of life they want to wake up for.
  • Detailed and informative private investigation.

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